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Not Rocket Science After All

Another cliche comes to mind...the "no-brainer."

What are we doing here?
It might look straight out of left field. Bonkers. so unfamiliar as to be impossible. But sit back, because what we're talking about can be as comfortable your morning newspaper -- or first check of Facebook. It's about young people's quest of the most meaningful learning they can find, with the world as their classroom.
We're simply making use of the tools available to us to bring together a community of learners: people who seek to do and know and learn and teach. Connected by technology, and free to engage in the work they need to do. To interact and collaborate and fool around, create, invent, discover.
It simply doesn't make sense for young people to engage in learning that is unpleasant for them. Not when learning that is satisfying, even fun, is more beneficial, more lasting and readily available.
The learning activities of young people is part of the world they live in, and the world's judgment of their work is the only assessment they need.
Catalyst is pulling together the resources of people interested in seeing this kind of learning succeed. And we're making it available to any young people who want it.
We hope you join us.
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